What we are calling for

This year’s Reclaim the Night Ipswich calls for an end to victim blaming. We call on the Police, services and local authorities throughout Suffolk to change the way they talk about sexual violence.

At this time of year women and girls are once again told that it is their responsibility to keep themselves safe. We are told not to go to certain places at night, to not walk in the dark on our own or not to drink too much. This ‘advice’ doesn’t work, and it places the onus once again on women and girls to prevent sexual violence.

Women and girls cannot prevent sexual violence. These campaigns and safety ‘advice’ contribute to victim blaming and distract from where the focus should be – on perpetrators.

So on 30th November join us as we reclaim our streets on this night and every night.


If you would like to add your voice to our campaign you can use #RtNIpswich on twitter and @reclaimipswich or you can come along to our market stall on 30th November and add a bubble to our wall.