Saturday 30th November, from 5pm.

Reclaim The Night:

On Saturday 30th November, women across Suffolk will march in Ipswich to Reclaim The Night. Like many women who have come before us, we will raise our voices to demand an end to sexual violence.

This year, our focus in on victim blaming,

We will come together to highlight the unacceptable levels of violence against women within our communities and throughout the world. We will demand the right to use our streets in safety on this night and every night. And we will call on our politicians, local businesses and organisations to do their part to end violence against women.

The march is open to everyone.

The Route:

We will be setting off from The Cornhill at around 5:15pm and taking in areas of Ipswich which highlight the dangers apparent to women after dark.

We will be starting with Westgate Street before turning left onto Museum Street which has minimal lighting and footfall at night. We will then turn left onto Kings Street and walk through to the Corn Exchange. We will make a brief stop at ‘The Grandma Statue’ before continuing along the Buttermarket before moving on to Upper Brook Street which has a recent history of sexual assaults and serious rapes. We will take a brief pause at Santander to allow for later arrivals. We will then end the march by moving through Tavern Street– Ipswich town centre which is Ipswich’s main thoroughfare for all women who need to get through town at night for whatever reason.

We will end the march at The Cornhill and will invite you to join us in The Town Hall for refreshments and speakers.


  1. Start (approx. 5:15pm)
  2. The Corn Exchange/Grandma Statue (approx 5:25)
  3. Santander Bank (5:35)
  4. Finish (approx 6:00)

If you cannot make the whole route we will be stopping for 5 minutes at Santander.

What we are calling for

This year’s Reclaim the Night Ipswich calls for an end to victim blaming. We call on the Police, services and local authorities throughout Suffolk to change the way they talk about sexual violence.  Find out more about we are calling for here.

Reclaim the Night Ipswich is coordinated by Suffolk Rape Crisis with support from I Can Run and Women’s Voices Women’s Votes.

Suffolk Rape Crisis is a registered charity 1137355.